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Silver and Blue Weimaraners in Vancouver, WA

Weimaraners are dogs with unique characteristics. If you haven't owned a
Weimaraner before, keep in mind that dogs of this breed are very intelligent  
and athletic. They need to release their energy through exercising and mental stimulation. Otherwise they will find something themselves that will keep them busy :) :) :)



According to the American Kennel Club the Weimaraner is instantly recognized by a distinctive silvery-gray coat. Male Weimaraners stand 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder, and females 23 to 25 inches. A properly bred Weimaraner will be solid colored, with maybe a small white spot on the chest. The face, with its amber or blue-gray eyes framed by long velvety ears, is amiable and intelligent. Overall, the breed presents a picture of grace and balance. A well-conditioned Weimaraner on point is a breathtaking sight.

Weimaraners are known to be excellent with kids and yearn to be full-fledged family members. Easy grooming, trainability, a loving nature, and a can-do-attitude make them excellent pets, as long as owners are committed to keeping them physically active and mentally engaged.

At Agile Labradors and Weimaraners, we raise the finest in trained puppies. Breeders should always act in an ethical, responsible manner with regard to puppies. We want you to have a long and happy relationship with your Weimaraner for life which is why we breed well-tempered, graceful Weimaraners in Southwest Washington. We cannot emphasize the need for training enough. Take a look at our training page for more information.

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