A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to reserve your puppy.

Please fill out an application form before sending your deposit.

Email us at to request the application form.

*should we find out that the mating did not take and Dam is not pregnant, your deposit will be refunded or can be rolled over for a future litter.

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We have started a new reservation

list for our next litter of trained blue and silver Weimaraner and silver and charcoal Labrador puppies that we expect in spring of 2021.

The picks will be made in the order deposits are received.

We do a lot of work with our puppies since their first day of life. We start with ENS and continue with a variety of enrichment activities, potty and crate training, sit and stay, clicker training. 

          In addition to this, we make videos with regular puppy updates to keep buyers informed on how puppies grow and develop. Our buyers have said that they feel like they already know their puppies when they pick them up. 

Go to our YouTube Channel to see videos of how we raise and train our puppies. All of them are a piece of our heart and soul.


If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, please send an email with your request and we will send you an application form.

For more information on how we raise and train our puppies, please go to our channel: 

Weimaraner Rada's Spring Litter

Rada + Baikal=blue and silver puppies

(expected 02/14/2021, ready around middle of April)

1. Eugene A. - silver female/blue female #1

2. Robert Mc.C. - blue male #1 

3. Denise S. - blue male #2

4. Denise S. - silver male #1

5. Rebecca D - silver male #2 or blue male #3

6. Sean K. - silver female #2 (1st choice) or blue female #2 (2nd choice)

7. Dana Mc.C. - blue female #2 (or #3)

8. Veronica H. - blue or silver female or male puppy 

9. Andy M. - blue or silver female or male puppy

Masha + Bentley=Charcoal and Silver Labrador Puppies

(Born February, 14 2021)

1. Ashley D. - charcoal male #1

2. Melissa P. - charcoal female #1

3. Brian L. - charcoal male #2, or silver male #1

Late Spring Weimaraner List:

1. Robert Mc.Coy - blue male #1

2. Denise S. - blue male #2

3. Denise S. - silver male #1

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