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Bringing a New Puppy Home

Bringing a new puppy home may be very stressful. Work with your breeder to find out what kind of initial puppy training has been done. Ask such questions, as "Have you started puppies with crate or potty training? How do you socialize your puppies? How many times do puppies wake up at night to potty? Do you provide a blanket or a toy with mom's and littermates' smell?"

Make sure to prepare an extra large crate to make sure your puppy and your home are safe when you leave. Buying a small size crate doesn't make a good sense even if your pet is a small size breed dog, like a Pomeranian for example. Your dog's crate needs to be large enough to ensure good space for your pet's resting, food and drink, and potty area. Always give your puppy some space where he can go potty. It could be a box with pine shavings, wood or alfalfa pellets, or even a doggy potty pad.

To crate train your puppy, keep the crate open when you are home and feed your dog with yummy treats there. Your dog needs to know that the crate is the best place in the world where he can get a lot of goodies.

Getting a good quality food is very important too. Remember that your puppy can choke on a large size kibble, so make sure you get the puppy food that has small size kibble.

Keep in mind that your puppy will always potty after he wakes up, eats, and actively plays! Take him outside to teach where he needs to potty. It make take several days or weeks for some puppies, but dogs are smart and learn quickly!

Here are links to see videos with helpful tips:

Puppy transportation ideas:

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